About us

Teb Care Portal is established with the simplistic aim of guiding people towards a world that is full of efficient healing and economic sustainability. This little effort from our side wishes to provide you reliable and relevant content that can guide you towards better value for your time, wellness and money. We are independent of any health organization and hence do not publish any biased endorsements however we are building alliances with institutions so that they can endorse themselves to our audience.
Our goal is to create a channel where we as a team voice our survey, statistics and opinions in order to provide a constructive source of information. We at TebCare have traced and researched the growth of medical tourism to understand a person’s priority to his/her health and money. We also wish to abolish the myths and misunderstandings that certain people have in their belief systems. Hence to implement our concerns and work towards a healthier world we have carefully put together pieces of valuable information.
We welcome views and testimonials from people who have been to various locations worldwide and provide their important insights on the hygiene, services and pricing of a healthcare institute they have been to. Repute is extremely important for any person to put a step forward.
Travelling to a new destination will fill you with excitement, curiosity and explore of positive emotions and that very moment the much desired process of healing will begin.