Cosmetic surgery and Plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery and Plastic surgery

Cosmetic treatments have a glamorous aspect. People have realized that such cosmetic surgeries enhance their personality. Main treatments that are popular are: laser skin rejuvenation, laser hair reductions (laser treatment), chemical peels, body sculpting, botox treatment (safer way to removing wrinkles from face), fillers, photo facials, lip augmentation and, nose job.

Youngsters come for cosmetic surgery for rejuvenating their faces. However, other surgeries like hair reduction & body toning also have a large clientele. All these treatments take half an hour to one hour, depending on the nature of the problem faced by the patients.

Effectiveness of cosmetic surgery:
Effectiveness of these treatments depends upon the condition of the skin of the patients. The effect of such treatments may last from 18 months to even lifelong. The cost varies from as low as Rs. 1,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- depending on the complexity of the problem. The cost is subject to variation from time to time but for beauty conscious youngsters and specially celebrities cost factor is not a criterion. These treatments are gaining popularity, as there are any side-effects noticed so far. The only caution to be exercised is in the selection of the physician (surgeon). In case of skin treatments one should avoid exposure to the sun in the initial stages of the treatments.

Plastic Surgery:
Plastic surgery hasn’t anything to do with the actual material known as ‘plastic’. The name has its etymology in Greek word plastikos – meaning to mold or form. It is a surgical intervention that involves a patient’s physical appearance and capability to function. Plastic surgery tries to improve the person’s appearance and self image through reconstructive procedures. This procedure aims to correct the face or any other part of the body. Reconstructive procedures try to correct physical birth defects like palates and ear deformities, cleft lips, traumatic injuries caused through dog bites or burns etc. Breast shapes (breast implant) and size are also corrected through plastic surgery especially after treatment for breast cancer.

Plastic Surgery V/S Cosmetic Surgery:
Plastic surgery is intended to facial or body defects because of Birth Disorders, Burns, Trauma & diseases. It is reconstructive in nature and is meant to correct to dysfunctional area of the body. Plastic surgery focuses on correcting and reconstructing abnormalities of the body structure caused by birth defects, trauma, disease, tumors, infection etc. This is performed by specialists in plastic surgery/plastic surgeon.   Cosmetic Surgery is a discipline of medicine which is aimed at enhancing the appearance of a person through surgical & medical techniques. Cosmetic surgery can be performed on Head, Face, Neck and other parts of the body. Procedures in cosmetic surgery are aimed at improving a person’s appearance. Cosmetic surgery is performed by doctors from various disciplines of medicine, like: general surgeon, gynecologist, ophthalmologist, plastic surgeon etc.