Medical Tourism in Jordan

Medical Tourism in Jordan

Expanding the medical tourism potential

A study by Jordan’s Private Hospital Association (PHA) done recently reports that last year, 210,000 patients from 48
countries, worldwide received treatment in local medical facilities. This was a big increase compared with the
190,000 patients during the previous year.
Most of the patients come from the Arabic region, like Iraq, Palestine, Sudan and Yemen to benefits from the medical Tourism in Jordan.
PHA president Doctor Fawzi Hammouri contends the World Bank places Jordan as the first among the Arab
countries and among the top ten in the world when it concerns the medical travel.
“In order to maintain this ranking, we have to keep the current markets in the Arab world and find new other area like the
ones in Africa, Europe and the US,” he said. “We have already marketed in countries like Chad, Nigeria, Russia,
Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.”

What is the Private Hospital Association (PHA) Amman Jordan

PHA is a private, voluntary, non-profit organisation and established in 1984 to represent the interests of 48
private hospitals in all Jordan. It seeks to raise medical standards, supports national and international
accreditation and promotes the Hashemite Kingdom as a medical tourism destination. To enable these
ambitions to be fulfilled more quickly, it is planning to allow public and university hospitals to join its
ranks. The new grouping will eventually be named Jordan Hospital Association.
PHA is working with member hospitals to promote specially designed healthcare offers to Americans
and Europeans. Hammouri explains: “ We will provide them with packages that are 25 percent below
market prices. This includes the plane ticket, accommodation and a visit to Petra to encourage local
tourism as well.”

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