Dr. Ehab totah

Ehab Totah

Dr. Ehab Totah



Jordanian board in general surgery Member of Jordanian society of surgeons Member of international society of surgeons Member of international association of surgeons gastroenterologists and oncologists Previous Clinical Lecturer Mutah Universit .

Services : 

Abdominal lift with threads , Abdominoplasty ,Adjustable gastric band , Arm lift with threads , Arms lift , Breast lift , Breast lift with threads , Buttock lift , Diabetic foot surgery , Eyelid lifting with threads , Face lift , Fistula surgery , Forehead lift , Gastric balloon , Gastric bypass surgery , Gastric sleeve surgery , Hernia repair surgery , Hydrocele treatment , Laparoscopic appendicectomy , Laparoscopic cholecystectomy , Laparoscopy hysterectomy , Liver resection , Liver transplant , Lower body lift , Lung transplant , Neck lift , Nephrectomy (kidney removal) , Pancreas transplantation , Piles surgery , Piles treatment (non surgical) , Sebaceous cyst excision , Splenectomy , Surgical hands wrinkles removal , Thigh lift , Thigh lift with threads , Thread buttock lift , Thread lower body lift , Thyroid surgery , Thyroidectomy , Tonsils (tonsillitis) treatment , Varicocele surgery ,Vertical banded gastroplasty .

Dr. Suliman Soudi

Suliman Soudi

Dr. Suliman Soudi



Dr. Suliman Soudi is a Consultant ENT, he has graduated from the University of Liverpool. Dr. Suleiman is certified the Jordanian Board Certificate, and he is a member of the Otolaryngology Society. Dr. Suleiman has the British Fellowship Certificate, he worked previously at the Royal Medical Services. He has a wide experience in his field for about 20 years working in America, United Kingdom, and Jordan. He is specialized in treating snoring, sleep problems, sinus operations, balance disorder, dizziness, cochlear implants, auditory nerve tumor, ear problems, hearing disorders and deafness, nose infections and disorders, and many other ENT problems. He is currently working at the Eye Speciality Hospital in Amman.

Services :

Dizziness and Vertigo , Balance Problems , Ear Disorders , Acoustic Neuroma , Nose Injuries and Disorders , Hearing Disorders and Deafness .

Dr. Hashem Fakhouri

Hashem Fakhouri

Dr. Hashem Fakhouri



Hough Ear Center Fellowship ontology and Neurotolgy/ Oklahoma USA, Mayo Clinic Hospital of Rochester/ Minnesota USA, Harvard Massa University Hospital/ Boston USA, American academy of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery Membership.

Services :  

Adenoid surgery , Balloon sinuplasty , Cochlear implants , Ear micro surgery , Ear wax (cerumen) removal , Eardrum rupture treatment , Electrophysiology hearing , Hypophysectomy , Laparoscopic sinus surgery , Microsurgery of the larynx , Myringotomy , Reconstructive middle ear surgery , Salivary gland surgery , Sinusitis surgery , Stapedectomy , Surgery for snoring , Surgery of the facial nerve , Thyroid surgery , Thyroplasty , Tongue tie release , Tonsils (tonsillitis) treatment , Tracheostomy .

Dr. Mohammad Al Fawareh

Mohammad Al Fawareh

Dr. Mohammad Al Fawareh



Currently Consultant Orthopedic and Spine surgery,
Musculoskeletal Oncology and Pediatric Orthopedics, former consultant Spine Surgery at King Fahad Medical City Riyadh Saudi Arabia ( 2009-2016) .

Musculoskeletal fellowship MD Anderson Cancer Center Huston TX USA 2009.
Pediatric Orthopedic fellow Cincinnati Children Hospital, Cincinnati OH USA 2008.
Spine Fellow UTMB Galveston TX USA 2007.
Orthopedic Specialist MOH Jordan 2004-2006.
Orthopedic resident MOH 1999-2003.

Services :

Cruciate ligament reconstruction , Elbow replacement , Heat therapy , Herniated disc surgery , Hip replacement , Hip resurfacing , Knee osteotomy , Knee replacement , Limb lengthening , Radiofrequency neurotomy , Shoulder replacement , Stem cell therapy for orthopedic conditions .

Dr. Eyad hawasheen

Eyad Hawasheen

Dr. Eyad Hawasheen



Dr. Eyad Hawasheen is Dentist that has graduated from Misr University for science and technology. He is specialized in treating many different dental cases such as dental implants, Hollywood Smile, dental laminate veneers and teeth whitening. He also provide in his clinics facial cosmetic, and all kinds of the general dentist treatments of the pulp, which is the withdrawal of the nerve with the latest equipment, crowns and bridges, fixed and removable prosthodontics and Endodontics. He is currently working in his private clinic.

Services :

Acrylic partial denture , BFM bridges , BFM crowns , Ceramic dental braces , Chemical bleaching , Composite bondings , Cosmetic filling , Dental boosts , Dental x-ray , Emax bridges , Emax crowns , Gum cleaning , Hollywood smile , Impacted tooth extraction , Laser gingivoplasty , Metal based denture , Metal Jaw orthopedics , Mouth guards , Nonsurgical dental implant , Orthodontic alignment  , Panoramic radiology , Porcelain inlays and onlays , Root canal treatment , Space maintainers , Surgical tooth extraction , Teeth jewelry  , Teeth scaling and polishing , Tooth coloured fillings , Veneers , Wisdom tooth extraction , Zerikon inlays and onlays , Zoom teeth whitening .

Dr. Janan abu elayan

Janan Abu elayan

Dr. Janan Abu elayan



P.H.D in Counseling Psychology – The Effect of Divorce on Children Level of Anxiety, Self Efficacy and School Grades
Masters in Counseling Psychology- The Effectiveness of the Counseling Program in Weight Lose and Its Relationship with Depression and Self Esteem for Woman.
High Diploma in Special Education .

 B.A in Philosophy and Psychology.

Services :
Postpartum Depression , Panic Disorder , family therapy , mentalhealth , Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) , Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder , Family counseling , anxiety and depression , behavioural disturbances .
Dr. Lana batarseh

Lana Batarseh

Dr. Lana Batarseh



Dr.lana batarseh IS an experienced dermatologist certified by the Jordanian medical counsel , and royal medical services in dermatology venereology , aesthetic medicine ,  laser therapy.  Worked for about 10 years in the hospitals of the royal medical services built during it a big knowledge and experience in all cases of skin diseases and cosmetic procedures.  Attended many medical and aesthetic conferences and workshops in and outside Jordan to keep updated with the most recent and advanced medical technology. Hher clinic is a private clinic looking for  more professional medical , and cosmetic care for our valuable patients by dealing each as a special case , and provide our services in a very high level of care with a very affordable prices including .

Services :
Acne , PRP Hair Transplant , Non Surgical Face Sculpting , Acne and Scar Removal , Laser Removal of Tattoos , Botox / Dermal Fillers , Tattoo Removal , Deep Pigmentation Treatment .
Dr. Sabri Zaza

Sabri Zaza

Dr. Sabri Zaza



Dr. Sabri Zaza is Obstetric and Gynecology Specialist, he has the Jordanian board certificate and the British board certificate. He worked previously at Al-Bashir hospital and has a wide experience in treating Obstetric and gynecology diseases. Dr. Sabri is speacialized in Follow-up pregnancy women and fetus, treatment of period disorders, Poly-cystic ovary syndrome, early detection of cervical cancer and many other obstetric problems. He is currently working in his private clinic.

Services : 

obstertrics , Gynecology and Obstetrics surgeries , Gynaecology and obstetrics surgeries .

Dr. Mohammed aldabbas

Mohamed Al Dabbas

Dr. Mohamed Al Dabbas

Dr. Mohmed Al-Dabbas Consultant Psychiatrist. He has got the Jordanian Board in Psychiatry 1993, MRCPsych pt 1,1997 The Royal College Psychiatrists, London. He has got Diploma In Clinical Psychiatry, 26.05.1997, The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and Diploma In Psychological Medicine from the Royal College of Surgeons/ Dublin. He was a director of Psychiatric Unit at Jordanian Royal Medical Services. He was the president of the Jordan Association of Psychiatrists in 2008 – 2010. He is Examiner in the Jordanian Board of Psychiatry- General Medical Council of Jordan, he worked as a psychiatrist in London from 1994 – 1999.

Services : 
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder , Erectile dysfunction (Impotence) , Consultation , Management of Depression and anxiety , Treatment of anxiety and fear disorders , Treatment of all Mental Disorders , Child Mental Health , Old age Psychiatry , Addiction treatment , Cognitive Psychotherapy , psychological tests , Postpartum Depression , Panic Disorder , adolescence psychiatry , psychiatry for women and girls , Premenestreual tension in women , Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder , Autism , Sexology , Antidepressants , Dementia , Alzheimer’s Disease , Tremor , Epilepsy Management in Adults and Children , Chronic Pain , Eating Disorders , memory loss , Stuttering , Sexual Dysfunction , Learning Disorders , Binge Eating , Seasonal Affective Disorder , marital counceling , couple therapy , neuropsychiatry , Self-harm , Stress , mentalhealth .
Dr. Malik kasasbeh

Malek Alkasasbeh

Dr. Malek Alkasasbeh

Doctor Malek is a Specialist of bariatric surgery with more ten year’s experience a surgeon at King Hussein Medical City , Peripheral military hospitals , Al-istiklak hospital and other private hospitals at Private sector.
Doctor Malek has Attended many bariatric courses around the world which makes him a pioneer in bariatric surgries ,
He attened (BIORING course) held in Brussels Belgium , the 13th world congress of IFSO held in Istanbul, Turkey
and the 9th obesity symposium on 17 march 2016 held at Norderstedt, Hamburg, Germany in European surgical institute .


Services : 

General Surgeon specialized in Adult General Surgery, Adult Gastroenterological Surgery and Obesity Surgery , Stomach Tumor ,Colon Tumor, Breast Tumor, Abdominal Surgery .



Dr. Ali aldaghamin

Ali Al-Daghamin

Dr. Ali Al-Daghamin

Head of Urology section/Urologic Oncology and Robotic Surgery at King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center .

Consultant, Urology Oncologic Surgery. Assistant Member, Department of Surgery .
Specialised : Urologic Oncologic & Robotic Surgery , Kidney Transplant & Organ Transplant Immunology .

Bassam khatib

Dr. Bassam khatib


Dr. Bassam Al-Khatib is an ENT Consultant and Consultant in Ear and Nerve Surgery (France-America). He is also a Fellow of the American Society of Ear and Nose Surgery and Neurosurgery and a fellow of the American Academy of Ear Surgery Throat, head and neck and a fellow of the George Portman Institute in France.
Dr. Bassam offers many excellent treatments and consultations for his extensive experience in this field.
Dr. Bassam is currently working in his private clinic in Amman

Services : 

Ear Nose and Throat specialized in Head And Neck Surgery, Adult Ear Nose and Throat, Pediatric Ear Nose and Throat , Adult Ear Nose and throat Surgery,Pediatric Ear Nose and throat Surgery .